More, Better…

Goethe wrote at the very end of Faust: Alles Vergängliche ist nur ein Gleichnis Das Unzulängliche, hier wird‘s Ereignis Das Unbeschreibliche, hier ist‘s getan Das Ewig-Weibliche zieht uns hinan (For those drawn to this quote, see: One line in English:  “The unachievable here comes to pass.” It’s a very famous passage in German literature, […]

An Agile Approach to Requirements

Below is the first draft on this topic.  With a big need to be shorter.  I eventually wrote something shorter. *** An Agile Approach We propose that we discuss this for an hour. INTRODUCTORY THOUGHTS When we start working on a product, there are many unknowns, often including: What is the real problem? What is […]

Agile Requirements Process

The following is a proposal I made to one client.  Might be useful for you. REQUIREMENTS DISCUSSION We propose a 1-hour discussion of the following practical suggestions. NEEDS (I am guessing; these are common.) we need an agile, adaptive solution part of the adaptation is to the specific people and situation of each Team we […]

Postponing the Sprint Start?

Question: Can a PO postpone the start of a Sprint?  Does the PO have the power to do that? *** Answers: First, why would the PO want to do that? It is important to keep the Team and others (esp the Business Stakeholders) on a regular, consistent rhythm.  Do not let them get used to […]

BVPs, SPs, Fun, and the Game – Pt 1

We mentioned this Agile Carolinas session in an earlier post.  And some description.  Here we explain more. To Start Let’s start with Game, because that’s what it’s all about. Well, more clearly, it is about a wonderful life, for the Team and for the Customers.  And everyone else. That means we must deliver a wonderful […]

BVPs, Fun, and the Game

Topic: BVPs, Fun, the Game, and Transparency I will lead the discussion of this topic on Thursday (March 24th, 2022) at Agile-Carolinas.  5:00pm – 7:00pm EDT  Online this time.  (In-person next time.) What is the topic? Here are a few ideas that give you some hints. I advocate for Business Value Points.  And the use […]

In-Person Courses – Some comments

We started doing in-person courses again August 2021. We paused them (partly us, partly the market) for a few months as the Omicron variant passed through. We are doing In-Person courses again.  As the market demands.  If you are interested, contact us at with questions or comments.   Side Note: We want to be […]

Becoming a Better Change Agent (How do I get more change to happen)

I was recently leading a Webinar called Agile Leaders Dialogue.  (Please come next time.) This topic (change) came up.  So, I wanted to review with you my main suggestions. A Learned Skill Becoming a better change agent is a learned skill. Yes, maybe some people are naturally better at it.  Maybe they have practiced it […]

How to fix this Team? Diagnosis-1

Lots of people are doing Scrum ok, but not getting the results they should be getting. So, we want to start this series of blog posts to help with that. First, it helps to define success, and how much success you want. Definition of Success Here’s a definition of success that we like.  Note that […]

Webinar: Becoming a Great PO

Webinar. Date: Friday, January 14th, 2022 Time: 2pm – 3pm ET You are invited.  Free. *** Let’s discuss these points mainly. Why do I want a great PO What are the key metrics for a great PO How do I implement those metrics Is it all about the numbers How to get better and faster […]