Scrum Coaching & Consulting

Scrum Coaching

We offer Scrum Coaching and strongly recommend it.  We also have many partner coaches we can recommend that you work with.

In Agile Scrum Master Certification is normally working directly with the Team as an Agile coach.  The idea is to help the Team get better, and use Agile and Scrum more effectively.  This includes working with the Scrum Master, the Product Owner, the Implementers, and others around the Team.  Often this includes business stakeholders. Sometimes the Agile Coach just explains the basics of Scrum or Agile, but at other times he or she is explaining how to do it at a more professional level.

There is also Executive level, which typically gets into how to lead an agile adoption/transformation and how to help the culture accept a fairly big change to Agile and Scrum Coaching.

Scrum Coaching + Consulting

We also do Scrum Coaching and Scrum Consulting in lean-agile-scrum.

Usually this includes Executive level coaching, as described above.

But it can also include drawing out an initial roadmap for adoption. And, more specifically, helping identify and then fix some of the top impediments for the Team, but usually impediments for the larger group as well.

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