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For an on-going connection, see the suggestions below.


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We post regularly on this page, particularly courses, blogs and announcements.

You can also follow Lean Agile Training: LeanAgileTraining

We post often on this page, with courses and blogs.  Different than the ones on the Joe Little page.  So, if you want more.

Again: We also volunteer for and support the following:

Agile Carolinas on LinkedIn: here

Lean Agile Open on LinkedIn: here

We now have a LeanAgileTraining group on LinkedIn that was started a couple of years ago.  We will post all new blog posts here:

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This is our blog on  It has over 650 posts, some long, some short.

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We like to answer your questions on our blog.  Send us an email with your question, issue, or concern.


We are doing regular webinars.

Right now, they are of two types.

a. Webinars about our courses and workshops. 30 minutes.

b. Webinars (discussions) about specific agile topics. 60 minutes.

You may suggest topics.  And the webinars are free.

The webinars are listed on the Course list, and also in MeetUp.

As always, feel free to send us an email with a question or observation.