WEBINAR (free): How Scrum Helps the Managers
Dates: Dec 04, 2023
Location: Webinar: Zoom.us
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11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. EST
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WEBINAR (free): How Scrum Helps the Managers

Does Scrum help managers?

First: Does Scrum help the Team?  YES.  And in many ways, including having more fun.  And producing more for the customers (without working harder).

Second: Does Scrum help Managers?

Our answer is yes.

But let’s discuss.  Share your ideas.  We’ll share ours.

Please share your doubts and questions.

And: It is seriously important, now and longer-term, for managers to feel and understand that Scrum is good for them.  And this is not always understood.


Discussion Leader

Joe Little is a Agile Trainer (CST) and coach. He has been delivering courses and webinars for years, and now delivers many courses and workshops online, including the CSM, CSPO, and A-CSM courses and the ARP workshops. Find more information here.

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