Information for Our Students

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If you want access to PDF files of the deck we used, please contact Cassandra at  (Note for any public readers: You must also be a CSM/CSPO (or other) whom we trained.)

Read or finish reading the following:

Agile Project Management with Scrum by Ken Schwaber.

The Scrum Guide

Again, the Scrum Guide is a key source for the CSM Test.

The Agile Manifesto and the Agile Principles are also key sources for the CSM Test.  They are in our slide deck and here:

You are certainly welcome to read our our blog “Agile & Business” (see  We have over 650 blog posts.  Please also contribute, if only with questions.

I will send you a link to download a free copy of my book on Agile Release Planning.


There are other places to learn, on LinkedIn and elsewhere.

We recommend you join our LinkedIn group for LeanAgileTraining:

The Agile Alliance has a gathering each year. See:

See also for other events:

Scrum Alliance also has “scrum gatherings” twice a year.  See here:

The next Global Scrum Gathering is in Portland in May 2023.  See:


See Resources menu on our LAT site, here:

There is a whole LOT of info via the different menu items.  It includes: books, articles, blogs, yahoo groups, “user groups”, etc, etc.

Reminder: We do free webinars frequently (roughly 2 per week).  See here for the listing, intermingled with workshops and courses:

We list our free webinars on MeetUp as well:

You can join that MeetUp group.


Local Groups: We recommend you join a local agile group.  Or start a local group or an “industry” group. And select a city and search on agile or scrum  And search.

You may of course search the web too.  For example, some user groups may have some sort of web presence, and are not listed in Meetup, LinkedIn or any of the other places above.

On this page we list some user groups in cities we visit frequently: [Page to be added]


Here are some other useful documents:

[Note: Documents to be moved shortly.]

Prioritizing projects.pdf

CSM PDU Claim Process-3.pdf


Scaling Whitepaper

Joe’s Unofficial Scrum Checklist

Favorite Scrum Mistakes

A list summarizing Scrum   This list is useful as a review. And maybe useful as a starting point for defining Scrum or Agile for your group.


Agile 2010 Scrum excel spreadsheet:ScrumExcelSpreadsheet20100124.xlsx



We place the highest value on taking action and getting real results.

Put what you think you know into action.  Now.

Find out what you don’t know (maybe as well as you thought you did).

Find out what you need to know the most. Now.

Learn more (for a bit). Then Act more.

Learn-Act.  Get into a tight cycle.  Like a PDCA cycle.

We want you to pursue this with perseverance and aggressiveness, and at the same time patience.