Where does Lean fit in?


Jeff Sutherland and we view that Scrum as a simple implementation of Lean for new product development.   We think further lean ideas and practices can be added to Scrum with profit.  And almost always, should be added.

We do think that for most firms and situations, the basics of Scrum can be digested and implemented quickly.  So, we believe that teams should implement Scrum first, and then make more changes afterward; add more to it. Always, Scrum is not implemented perfectly in the first few months. It takes years to attain mastery at doing Scrum, even though it is very simple. We all know this, of course, from our experiences with any sport or any artistic activity or any profession. The basics are simple, but mastery takes 10,000 hours of hard work.

We think that Lean Thinking and Lean ideas and practices are key things you should add to Scrum.