What are your recommendations?


Here are our typical recommendations for getting started.

  1. Establish the idea that we want to try Agile-Scrum. Gather the first pilot team (a real team).
  2. Invite the people involved to help define the change, to self-organize. (This point probably requires further explanation.)
  3. Do Scrum training for the pilot team (a CSM course). Include a one or two day workshop that covers Agile Release Planning and Sprint Planning.
  4. Hire an experienced Agile Coach to work with the pilot team.
  5. After 2 months, do a ‘tactical workshop’ with everyone. Invite them to come together. Let them choose, discuss and work on what they think are the biggest issues.
  6. After three months, have the Product Owner and Scrum Master and perhaps some business stakeholders take an Intermediate Certified Scrum Product Owner course, with a workshop.
  7. From Day 1, establish a public impediment list, and work the impediments items, one at a time, in priority order.  This item might be said to summarize all the items above.

These are key recommendations for a typical situation where you are able to do the right thing from the start. Often life is more complex.