Workshop: Business Value Engineering

In this workshop we will discuss many basic concepts of Business Value Engineering. Please see this article for more detail.

The key benefit of this workshop is clear: the creation of an action plan to increase the BV delivered by each team, without having the team work harder.

We will group into teams of 4-6 at tables and do the following:

  • Develop a definition of business value for a specific project
  • Develop a BV model (a way of calculating expected business value)
  • Map out the current BVE process (see below)
  • Identify the theories and assumptions underlying the current BVE process
  • Make a plan or Business Case to improve the current BVE process

With feedback between the teams and additional discussions, those exercises will fill the 2 day workshop. By BVE process, we mean those explicit or tactical things that you or your firm does to address the following kinds of questions.

  • How do we:
    • determine what the customers want?
    • innovate?
    • focus on ‘the vital few’? (the Pareto Rule)
    • communicate requirements to the development team?
    • allocate people to work?
    • manage the projects?
    • deliver a ‘finished’ product to the customer? (Frequency, delay, quality level, test harness, training, etc etc)
    • integrate other things with the Product to form the Solution?
    • determine if we were successful?
    • learn?
    • adapt to change in all its dimensions?
  • Do we have feedback loops?
  • Is there a P-D-C-A cycle in there?

The attempt is to get as close to an end-to-end ‘flow’ as possible. (My desire is not to locally optimize, and hurt the overall flow.) The workshop and BVE is about things that happen outside the Scrum team.

For the “product owner” of each team participating in the Workshop, we attempt to work on a real situation.

Questions and issues from the group will be prioritized and covered.

Who Should Attend:

This Workshop is for Product Owners, managers, analysts, product/project managers, Business Stakeholders, business analysts, and ScrumMasters.ScrumMasters need this course, as they must coach Product Owners in these skills.

PMPs: Receive 14 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for this workshop.

Course Material :

Participants will receive course materials (not books) at the course. There are updated materials and training exercises in the course which are invaluable.

Additional Information :

The workshop will run from 8:30am-5:10pm each day. A continental breakfast, breaks and lunch will be provided.