Why Work with Us

Why work with us?

Most often the specific question is – why choose to take our CSM or CSPO course?

Here are our main answers:

  • We want to help you build a great Team, delivering wonderful products that your customers love.
  • I co-trained 8x with Jeff Sutherland.  Very few have done this.
  • I originally took Ken Schwaber’s course.
  • As you may know, Sutherland and Schwaber are the co-creators of Scrum.  Very few CSTs (scrum trainers) have that experience with them.  It means you get more of the Aggressive Scrum, as Jeff calls it.  Real Scrum.
  • CST since 2008 (14+ years).  Training in agile-scrum before that.  In agile-scrum full time since 2005.
  • We provide free Webinars as follow-up.  1 hour, roughly once per week.  You can choose the topic.  Or ask questions.
  • Lots of experience.  In lots of Teams, organizations, industries.  So, sympathy.
  • No other CST has the Agile Release Planning workshop.  To be fair, ARP is mostly what Jeff Sutherland teaches, almost 100%.  But he does not have an ARP workshop.
  • The KEY thing about the ARP workshop is that they work, in groups of 4, on real work.  The work is relevant and gives them the confidence they can do it in real life.
  • 20+ years doing waterfall.  I usually understand your current problems.  And sympathize.  All kinds of work: software (many types), implementation of COTS systems, implementation of process changes, new product design, etc.  I advocate using Scrum outside software.
  • I have an MBA, so I look to agile to provide business benefits.  Not simply the coder or tester viewpoint (although I sympathize there, as well).
  • We advocate for fun/happiness on the Team.  And also for managing the pressure on the Team (eg, so that quality is not sacrificed).
  • I advocate Lean.  If attendees are interested, I describe Scrum in Lean terms. I have studied Lean and Lean Software Development.  Those terms are very useful, if the culture understands them.
  • We advocate KISS.  Keep it simple.  Start simple. And also that the road is long.  Continuous improvement.  And large cultural change over time.  BUT: one practical step at a time.
  • We also give a workshop called Team Level Up.  Where a Team (or two) knows agile-scrum, but knows it in different ways.  So, typically, they need to (a) level set on what agile-scrum will be for us, and (b) need to level up, as the gamers say it….agree on how and where to improve.
  • We give other courses and workshops that can help.  CSPO, Adv CSM, Scaling Workshop, Team Start-Up, etc.

Happy to talk further about why you should choose us.