Workshop: Team Level-Up

Purpose: The purpose of this workshop is to (a) get the team on the same page about what agile-scrum is (aka level set), and/or (b) help the team raise the level of their play measurably.

Attendees: Normally we are expecting whole teams.  Including the PO and maybe including the business stakeholders.  We can have part of a team and we can have individuals who do this workshop “as if” they are a team.  That is, an individual is assigned to a table and that table acts like a team for the workshop.

We encourage managers to attend.

Length: 2 days plus an Agile Release Planning workshop.

Format: Very practical.  Exercises and building real things that the team will use.  Example: an agreed practical definition of “what agile is” for this team or group.

Because we take you where you are, the exact content of each session will vary.  We have a lot of exercises we might cover, and which ones we use will depend on you.

Results: We expect each team (or that the individuals later can get a team) to get significantly improved results.  Results that are measurable.  Measures such as: higher BV, higher Velocity, higher quality, faster Time-To-Market, higher happiness, more sustainable pace, more reliability (of delivering the stories “promised” in the Sprint Planning Meeting), etc.  We discuss the metrics and how to measure them.  They must be your metrics (you agree on them).

We expect the results to be significant over the following year if you keep the team together.  We think +50% will be on the low side typically.

Comments: We want to repeat again that this is very practical.  Yes, if you talk about things that are counter to Scrum, we will say so.  And we will take some time (how much depends on where the attendees are) level-setting on what Scrum is. But the Team (or the company) gets to agree on their rules of play, and their style of play.

The point is to take your team from where you are, and hopefully help them to agree to rise to a higher level of play.  Quickly.