Monthly Archives: May 2009

Poppendiecks: Designing a Lean Development Process

The Poppendiecks have a new advanced course (all welcome, but people already experienced in Lean-Agile will get more from it). Designing a Lean Development Process.Mnpls, June 9-10 Based on their new book (about to be released).More info: See here.  Subscribe in a reader

AgileBusiness – new Yahoo group

Quick notice that we just started a Yahoo group called Agile Business. See here. Key words might include: Agile, Business, Business Value, Agile Project Management, Product Owner, business analyst, Lean, Product Management, Marketing, Executive, Manager, Agile for non-SW projects, etc, etc. Come and share your questions and your comments.  

How do we know we have a good idea?

How do we know? I was reading the new book by Bas Vodde and Craig Larman recently. Recommended. It’s called “Scaling Lean and Agile Development.” In the beginning of the book, they give lots of ideas about “how to think.” At first, I found this curious, although the suggestions were very good. Only today did […]

Yahoo Groups — 4 easy lessons

Apologies to those used to Yahoo groups. This is for beginners. First, why should you care? Because lots of really smart people use Yahoo groups (and ScrumDev in particular). Second, why should you worry? Because lots of people hear stupid things or get into flame wars on Yahoo groups (and similar). You must Think For […]