Monthly Archives: February 2011

Innovation’s most important question

Steve Denning (a very interesting guy) tweeted about this article. The question (in the article) is: Is there a better way? Please read it. Nice story behind it. (Steve is a big proponent of stories. Google his books.) It’s actually useful if you want your team to be innovative. (You do want your team to […]

Middle Managers and Scrum

In a lot of organizations I work with, we need to do a better job of explaining Scrum to the middle managers. Most of the people in the teams get Scrum and see benefits. Most of the senior guys see their metrics get better, and, if they focus on the right feedback, hear and see […]

Dear Rob – 2

Rob, as some readers may recall from the first post, is a made-up character, representing a typical senior business executive, responsible at a high level for the Agile initiative — among his many other duties. Perhaps the CEO (although probably not a CEO at the Jack Welch level at GE). In this post, we talk […]

How to rollout Scrum – a summary

In the prior post, I noted that Tom Mellor had a basic objection to this question (How to roll out Scrum). Which was, and I hope I do not misstate it too much, don’t try to roll out something to an organization that does not really want it. He used the other pig metaphor, which […]

Is there hope?

There is an interesting discussion on the CSM LinkedIn group, about rolling out Scrum to an organization. See here. Tom Mellor gives a realistic but somewhat depressing prognosis for many Scrum implementations. Tom is a good guy and a friend. It is OK if he and I disagree a bit on this one thing? Below […]