Monthly Archives: March 2011

Giving context

I am in Norfolk and the weather is foggy, and I am thinking about how best to do Release Planning. More specifically, how to plan for a big two-year project where everyone is used to a waterfall approach. So, here are some thoughts. Our problem is like being lost at sea in a fog — […]

Agile & Religion – 1

I heard recently someone comment: “Well, watch out for those guys who get too religious about Agile. We don’t want that around here.” This general topic gets talked about in the Agile community a lot, and, I think, often ineffectively. But I think it is a difficult topic. It is hard to explain the issues […]

Scrum and Release Planning

I went to the Agile Ottawa group last night. Mostly I very much enjoyed the meeting — a lot of smart people, a lot of good discussions, but… A Sad Tale A gentleman there, a serious business guy, new to Scrum, said something like this: “It seems to me that Scrum has no up-front planning, […]

Additional ideas: adopting lean-agile

This topic (adopting Lean-Agile) is being discussed here and many places. I think I will be discussing it with a senior executive in Canada on Monday, so, very pertinent for me and likely many others. A lot of smart people in that discussion (I know some of them personally). A number of great ideas were […]

How to adopt agile?

In the Agile Alliance LinkedIn group discussions [around March 2011], there was a discussion about “How to adopt Agile in my organization?” by Mark Lummus. This is a complex topic, with many things to say. Here is most of my first post (in that group) about this. There are many other things I might have […]

What we do…

Here is an interesting post by Daniel Glyde, about what his team does at Scrum, and….    

Implementing Scrum when not everyone is a believer

How do you implement Scrum in an organization where not everyone is a believer? Umm. This is a common question and a hard one, and yet also easy. First, one misconception is that Scrum is a religion that only true believers practice it. Scrum is actually empirical. Now, it should be said that Scrum (and […]

Scrum Prototyping, Sprint Zero (NO) and

I was talking with some smart people at a client’s location. They said: “We do a Sprint -1 where we do rapid Scrum prototyping. We do a Sprint every day, produce a new version of the GUI, etc., and review it with the customer team daily. It lasts for two weeks, or did last time. […]