Monthly Archives: June 2015

Scrum requires Effort

It seems many people expect Scrum to make magic happen by itself. This is of course an illogical expectation. It is true that Scrum (the roles, meetings and artifacts) will, with a bit of introduction, cause your team to get better without much additional effort or investment. But the real power of Scrum comes when […]

Short Scrum and Long Scrum

There are many ways to play Scrum. In some sense, Scrum is infinitely flexible. Let us pretend for a moment, there are only two types of Scrum, which I will call Short Scrum and Long Scrum. Short Scrum In Short Scrum, a Sprint is completed in a day, we do not have a long Product […]

Balancing the work in the Sprint (coding vs testing)

Dean asks: Your Lean Agile Training website content has provided some great insight in helping me improve my agile principles and practices. There is one thing I haven’t been able to clear out of my mind.  Perhaps there is a principle I’m not applying or a light bulb hasn’t come on. I haven’t come across […]