Monthly Archives: April 2016

Getting Started with Scrum

Let’s talk about the basic standard patterns in getting started with Scrum. (We have talked about these ideas before, and so we have many, many coaches and advisors.) Start a pilot team This also means pull together a team with the best possible criteria for success. These criteria are worth reviewing in more detail later, […]

Lean Agile Open – April 15, 2016.

[Ed. Note: This was written 4/16/2016.  We have had many Open Space events since 2016.] We had a great event in Charlotte yesterday, and I hope you did not miss it. Self-organizing people did the best they could (which is actually a lot) to learn as much as they could with other smart people about Lean […]

The A3 Approach

In every class, I teach the A3 approach to Kaizen. Kaizen is usually translated into English as ‘continuous improvement.’ In Scrum that means ‘removing impediments.’ The first thing to note is that it is an approach.  It is a method, with certain values and principles, and the fundamentals of the approach are more important than […]