Monthly Archives: June 2017

Why do we have the Sprint Burndown chart?

As with almost everything in Scrum, the purpose of the Sprint Burndown chart is to help the Team. First, we assume the Team (the whole team, including the implementers, the PO and the SM) are adults.  And, as adults, they want to be successful.  In every dimension that is relevant: more fun, higher quality, more […]

Steve Kerr’s advice on developing a great team

Here is an article about an interview with Steve Kerr on developing a great team. Scrum helps.  But Scrum is only part of the story.  There are many skill sets to develop a professional team.  And more skill sets to developing a winning team in any season. Leadership Lessons from Steve Kerr, Head Coach of […]

Executive’s Guide to Scrum

I enjoy everything Jeff Sutherland writes about Scrum. I found this document (see below) on OpenView Partner’s website (Jeff Sutherland is affiliated, especially regarding Scrum). In this case, I do not know for sure that he wrote this document (Executive’s Guide to Scrum), but I do know that, even if he did not write it all, […]