Monthly Archives: August 2009

The ability to create knowledge together

I would like your opinion. I have, for the last few months, been playing with these ideas. To create a new product, the team is all about knowledge creation. Not management of existing knowledge, but creation of new knowledge. Note: The picture to the right relates to Nonaka’s ideas about knowledge creation, and tacit and […]

Against Central Planning

Do we like central planning?  No. In general, to some of us it seems simpler to have one central brain plan everything, to assume that that brain has it right and that “everything will work out for the best in this best of all possible worlds” if the central planner plans it for us rationally. […]

Knowledge Decay & Tacit Knowledge

Daniel Brown did an interesting post on this topic. His main area is testing. Disclosure: He mentions my talk about the Lean within Scrum. See here.