Monthly Archives: July 2011

Why Release Planning?

I led a discussion at the Ottawa Agile and Scrum groups last week. I asked the group to come up with some reasons to do Release Planning.  In essence, they represent the meta ‘purposes’ of release planning.  Purposes that one’s approach to Release Planning should try to optimize. The group came up with many good […]

Scrum Hates Technical Debt!

This is my phrase: Scrum hates Technical Debt!  Ken Schwaber talks about Flaccid Scrum.  (Not my favorite metaphor.)  Jeff Sutherland talks about ScrumButt and the Nokia Test.  (I like this.)  Uncle Bob Martin talks about “the land that Scrum forgot.” The problem is bigger than my phrase implies.  What is the problem?  People are doing […]


It is July 4th today.  It is a great day to remember Freedom. As I have said elsewhere, to my way of looking at the world, there is one word, love, that is greater than freedom.  But perhaps only that one. [Side comment: God is love. So, we could say that God too is greater […]