Monthly Archives: December 2012

The spirit of Scrum

In the US, where I am, we speak of the spirit of Christmas. While some people are a bit cynical about it, I think I actually see it sometimes.  It is meaningful and people do know what you are talking about. In a roughly similar way, the spirit of Scrum is also real. Some people […]

Please try all of Scrum.

Scrum is a bare framework. It is very simple.  Scrum is not trying to be a full methodology. Lots of people are doing Scrum-Butt.  “We do Scrum, but…” Then they say… …we don’t have a product owner. …we change the length of the sprint often …we don’t have a ScrumMaster …we don’t do a _daily_ […]

Joe’s Agile Release Planning – New Version

While I was writing the book on Agile Release Planning I was posting free versions. The book is now available here:   But it is no longer free (except to class participants).  (Although I frequently have deals on LinkedIn or Twitter.) I hope you will leave comments or send me comments or questions.

Summarizing Scrum (a list)

The more I think about Scrum, the more it becomes a Gestalt…a whole thing.  It becomes somewhat misleading to talk about its parts. Scrum itself is actually very small.  We recommend you do all of Scrum; it will lead to better results almost always.  It you only take part of the medicine…well, you will not […]