Please try all of Scrum.

Scrum is a bare framework. It is very simple.  Scrum is not trying to be a full methodology.

Lots of people are doing Scrum-Butt.  “We do Scrum, but…”

Then they say…
…we don’t have a product owner.
…we change the length of the sprint often
…we don’t have a ScrumMaster
…we don’t do a _daily_ scrum

I strongly urge you to try all of Scrum.  No Scrum-Butt.  Because I think more success will result for you, for your team, and for your customers.

A simple definition of the bare framework can be found in the Scrum Guide or in this list.

If, because of impediments, you are doing Scrum-Butt now, this is understandable.  Let me just ask two things. Try to fix the impediments, one at a time.  And tell yourselves and tell others….”well, we are trying to do all of the bare framework of Scrum, but so far we are doing Scrum-Butt…”

I think these simple ideas will help you and others.



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