Monthly Archives: January 2013

New CSP Process

The Scrum Alliance has announced a new CSP Process.  That is a new process for becoming a Certified Scrum Professional.  Start here. [Note: The pages have been changed since this post.] This is mostly good. We recommend it. Some discussion: First, the main changes are: (a) 36 months of experience (not as well defined by […]

Making Change Happen

I was delighted the other day to have a brief conversation with Mary Lynn Manns, who is the co-author of Fearless Change, an excellent book on making change happen. I told her I had this idea: We can let change happen to us. (I was thinking mostly of being passive in the face of bad […]

We want a Stable Team

I think our work generally is about knowledge creation.  And specifically, your business is about knowledge creation. (Knowledge creation is key for almost all people who attend my courses and workshops.) It is about innovation, creativity, and inventiveness. It is about cool solutions to hard business-technology problems.  It is about some sort of intersection between […]

Don’t Blame Scrum for Helping You See

Today I completed a CSM course & Workshop in Charlotte. I forgot to tell the attendees one thing. One of the major purposes of Scrum is to enable the Team to see its problems better.  Seeing problems (impediments) better, the Team and firm will take more action to fix the top impediment (well, over time, […]