Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Organzation of our Scrum course – 1

Why is our Scrum course organized the way that it is?     First, is a Scrum Team organized? Well, a good Scrum is usually described more as adaptive than organized. Of course, we can debate the meaning of these words, during a day or during a sprint, or during a release. I would rather […]

Agile Manifesto – History…

As you know, the Agile Manifesto and the Agile Principles define agile, to many of us. These statements were written and agreed to in 2001. There has been some debate about them, but they provide some excellent principles to remember as you are doing agile.  If your practice embodies these principles, then I think your […]

‘Teams that Finish Early Accelerate Faster’

This is an excellent article: Teams That Finish Early Accelerate Faster.  It is by Jeff Sutherland and others. It addresses a key issue:  How do we get Scrum teams to be more successful? One answer is that ‘scrum’ teams are not always doing Scrum. More likely, they are not doing all of Scrum.  We know […]

Question: Automate Testing!

Dear Joe, In the course you emphasized how important it is to do many things….seemingly from the start.  One was automated testing.  This will be very hard for us to at my company.  Were you really serious that we must have automated testing immediately?!?!? Thanks, Janet **** Dear Janet, [First, I must confess that I […]