Monthly Archives: September 2016

Five Characteristics of Successful Teams

OpenView Partners is a venture capital firm. They have some wonderful stuff on their blog, and Jeff Sutherland often posts there. Here is another great post based on research at MIT about successful teams. Five Characteristics of Every Successful Team & How to Build Cohesion Let me list the five characteristics. Everyone on the team […]


I speak to you today as a New Yorker — I lived there 20+ years. On the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001 I flew to New York LGA. I stopped to get Beanie Babies for my children, and then took a taxi that lovely September morning toward the World Trade Center. I needed to […]

Scale down!

In some situations you feel forced to scale. We recommend: Scale down. George Harrison has a nice song called “Cheer Down!” which is a play on the idea of “cheer up!” Similarly, in my opinion, too many people want to scale up and create more and more layers and add complexity to scaling. This is […]