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Question: Path to — Trainer or Coach?

Question from Nameless4Now: (By the way, I called her that, because I did not have time to ask her about privacy.) Hi Joe! …I thought I’d ask you for your thoughts on the next step on my Agile path. I’m currently a Scrum Master. Ultimately I’d love to pursue the Trainer path and train other […]

Renewing your certification / Information from Scrum Alliance

1. Basic Scrum Alliance approach Scrum Alliance has come up with some practical things.  They are attempts to deal with different issues. Valid Certification Scrum Alliance wants everyone to have an up-to-date, valid certification. Per Scrum Alliance rules, your certification expires after two years.  (The expiration date is shown on your Scrum Alliance profile.) Get […]

Question: A technical challenge arises inside the Sprint

Hanna wrote again from Finland. [Shortened and lightly edited.] Hi Joseph, First, thanks for your [last reply]. I hope you will accept my next request, to answer this next question. Thanks! Hanna I replied. Hi Hanna, See my comments below, in-line. Hope that helps. Regards! Joe PS. Was that a PO question?  Or a SM […]

Question about: The PO, vague requirements and the Team members

Hana writes from Finland.  [Shortened, and lightly edited.] Hi Joe, …. I found this question without answer, so I have an interest to know it’s answer. Regards, Hana I responded: Hi Hanna, ….[See my response in-line, below.] …. Thanks! Joe Question – The product owner wants to build security firewalls into the product. How can […]