Charlotte Apr 2014: Public impediments

The following impediments were identified by the Charlotte CSM class this week.  Again, we may have dups, although that probably is an indicator of relatively higher occurence.

  1. Business – IT not aligned
  2. Poor test practices
  3. Set date before project begins
  4. Over documentation
  5. Poor communication
  6. Unclear roles
  7. Lack of resources
  8. Disengaged customer
  9. Uncontrolled team member egos
  10. Lack of accountability
  11. Funding cut
  12. Cutting corners on testing
  13. Lack of risk management
  14. Changed mind about what you wanted
  15. External factors
  16. Hidden agenda from stakeholders
  17. Not understand critical path
  18. Too many managers
  19. Change in environment
  20. Stakeholder awareness & involvement
  21. No process
  22. No teamwork
  23. Clarity (lack of)
  24. Revert ways
  25. Process disagreements
  26. Missed requirements
  27. Over commitment — under achieving
  28. Lack of leadership
  29. Inflexibility // dates
  30. Unrealistic deadlines
  31. Market / customer
  32. Urgency, speed
  33. Unclear requirements
  34. Lack of communication
  35. No documentation
  36. Analysis paralysis
  37. Skills [lack of]

I am not sure I fully understand (now) what each of these meant.  Also, maybe if I explored some, I might disagree that they are really impediments.  For example, if something just must get done by X date, that can just be reality (assuming it is indeed true that we *must get it done by that date).  Calling reality an impediment is just not helpful.

More generally, though, we have impediments until the team is the best Scrum team in the whole world.  Once you can accurately declare your team is the best, then by all means, please stop improving.

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