I have suggested in other posts that a tremendous amount of improvement can be made in five areas:

  • ScrumMaster leading the removal of impediments
  • Product owner executing the 85 percent to 33 percent rule (like the 80 to 20 rule)
  • Team having more fun!
  • Team reducing technical debt all of the time
  • Continuously better business value engineering

And why do we not see more improvement if there is indeed so much improvement to be had? How much improvement? Easily 5 to 10 times more improvement over a short period of time.

So, why not?

Well, first, it is hard in some ways. It takes some hard work, but mostly hard thinking and hard conversations. Not so easy when we see so much baloney (I was sorely tempted to use a more technical term) happening all the time.

Second, people believe that serious improvement is not possible.

Third, people don’t want serious improvement (this is a key place where fun comes in). You must want it. Everyone must want it (well, many).

Fourth, we must have courage to fight our own stupidity. To persevere against some hardships and some ups and downs. To fight the stupidity of others. And to fight all the slings, arrows and natural shocks that come into our daily lives.

Finally, we must focus. That probably means working on only one of the five areas above at any one time.

It is there. Go for it.

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2 thoughts on “Courage

  1. 5CentsWorth

    I think the most important thing a scrum master must rememberer that their job is to create an environment where the team member is able to reach their peak possible performance. The basic of scrum will allow you to perform as a scrum master if you keep in mind every word you say , everything you do is about creating a high performance environment. A high performance environment for the team, even the fun should be about creating focus momentum and energy

  2. Joe Little

    Hi 5 Cents,

    I think you meant this, but for other readers….
    1. To me, it is all about the whole team's output, not the output of any individual. So, the SM must optimize the whole team's mojo.
    2. "High performance environment" is often interpreted as some sort of team spirit or improved interpersonal relationships. And that *is* important (IMO). But the SM should balance all the impediments, and knock down the biggest one at the time. And that may be, for example, better continuous integration. And of course there can be yet other, very different top impediments.
    Jeff Sutherland says if they are not having more fun, they aren't doing it right. So I think your point there is well taken.


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