Excited for the Advanced CSM course

I enjoy doing the Advanced CSM course (A-CSM certification).  I recommend it to you.

How do you benefit?

First and foremost: You can help your Scrum Team more effectively, and they can become more effective as a Team.  That adds up to more fun and more satisfaction.

Two: You get SEUs to renew your CSM (or CSPO).

Three: To move in the upward progression toward a real Agile Coach.  This is not to say that some people can’t be Leonardo da Vinci with no training, but I tink the odds are low.

So, the A-CSM with the CSP-SM course makes you ready to get a coaching certification.  I am pretty well convinced that the certification (by itself) is insufficient.  But the education gained along the way is very useful.  Moreover, the people who have been coming to the A-CSM courses have been very impressive, and — just forgetting about the courses and the certification — I would hire them because they wanted to improve themselves and they are within an impressively good cohort.

How is our A-CSM different?

There are a lot of similarities.

But some differences as well.

It is a course.  We have some homework, but it is mostly covered in 3 days of course.

We teach “aggressive scrum” as Jeff Sutherland talks about.  That is, for example, higher happiness and also higher velocity,

We have co-trained 8 times with Jeff Sutherland.  We think that gives you a lot of benefits.

We focus on a set of patterns we call “agile release planning”.  These are a bunch of lower level skills and higher level patterns that you will have to use and adapt as you play Scrum.


Hope you will join us.  Please see the course listing.



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