Impediments: Orlando May 2015

During class in Orlando, the following impediments were identified.  Some duplications, I think, perhaps partly due to the way we/they did it.

  1. Bulky process
  2. Silos
  3. Customer rep with no mandate
  4. Blame game
  5. [Need] one more person on site with Front End [skills]
  6. Lack of motivation
  7. [Lack of] knowledge of new technology
  8. Delivery pressure, customer expectations
  9. Not believing in Scrum
  10. Unclear business strategy
  11. Not following the process in proper manner
  12. Lack of effective communication
  13. Lack of communication with Sales Team
  14. Not a good business case
  15. Settling for mediocrity
  16. Old tech
  17. Lack of automated testing
  18. Too much change (org)
  19. Phones lines are inconsistent (sometimes bad)
  20. Team communication; shy, reserved, trained to be quiet
  21. Product > Customer
  22. People to do the work in time needed, shared resource
  23. Lack of FULL commitment
  24. Lack of good product
  25. Customer’s dependent deliverables
  26. Customer doesn’t respond
  27. No common product (disparate)
  28. Environment down
  29. Lack of vision
  30. Requirements not defined, unclear
  31. Requirement, revenue not approved
  32. Not good S/W vs H/W marriage
  33. Loss of staff
  34. Under-estimation of time to accomplish
  35. Customer goes bankrupt
  36. Insufficient resources
  37. Customer assumptions incorrect
  38. Budget overrun
  39. Lack of resources
  40. Inexperienced team, staff
  41. Unclear requirements
  42. Change in requirements
  43. Delivery or revenue pressure
  44. Communication (lack of good…)
  45. Roles not clear
  46. Lack of skills
  47. Politics
  48. Market shift
  49. Quality
  50. Expectations not met (eg, because not well enough known)
  51. Migration from s/w today to new product (not backward compatible)
  52. Less interaction
  53. Process Albatross
  54. Bad assumptions
  55. Changing business needs
  56. Bad design
  57. Bad partners

These have NOT been prioritized.


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