Managers: Scrum can help you NOW!

Here is the situation from many managers:

  • We need more productivity now!

There is TONS of opportunity, but we can’t get to it.  We cannot hire people (fast enough).

  • Our staff want a nicer situation (or they will…)

Again, this means that we need to use the staff we have to maximum effect.   Part of that is making the game more fun.


How can Scrum help?

Here are 4 short answers.  (We will address these at greater length in another post.)

  • Scrum enables a Team to adjust quickly to changing information, and, under uncertainty, deliver better on the 80-20 concept.

That is, the whole Team (led by the PO) learns faster, and tries to deliver the best MVP possible.

And often wants to deliver that top 20% of story points that deliver (we hope) 80% of the Business Value.

  • Scrum implements a simple process, and the key thing is continuous improvement every Sprint.

If the simple process is done well, with the right mindset in most people, then it will help the Team become better (eg, provide transparency).

And then the Team and the related managers must attack the impediments, typically one per sprint, led by the SM.

  • Scrum focuses on a few things that make the work much more fun for the Team.

These include: (a) fewer distractions, (b) they define their own work, (c) higher motivation (eg, they volunteer), and (d) they feel like they are winning a game.

This fun and humor, if done well and with a good professional attitude, can (a) motivate people to stay (they are enjoying it too much), and (b) attract new people to join your teams.

  • Scrum enables higher collaboration and transparency.

In these days, we still encourage collocation.  If done well, this makes a huge difference.

But many associates want the freedom of remote work.

Scrum, if done right, helps you in both cases.  For collocation, Scrum shows them how to work closely together and help each other.  Scrum allows them to figure out exactly how to work together, but Scrum helps them see the value of teamwork.

Similarly, Scrum provides (more) transparency for remote teams.  And Zoom (or similar) and (or similar) enable the team members to work closely together even though each is remote.

To achieve any of these at a high level, you probably need training and coaching.  We can help.  If you commit as an organization to becoming better, the training and coaching is well worth it.



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