Necessary Conditions

To have a decent Agile-Scrum Team, here are my conditions:

  • An important set of work
  • An ability to define that work well enough (clearer requirements)
  • A team that wants to do that work — an inspired team would be great
  • A team that is willing to try Scrum
  • The courage to face the truth
  • Someone who knows Scrum well enough to explain it accurately (not a beginning SM)
  • A 100% allocated and stable Team

Here are some more conditions:

  1. A team that is not dysfunctional
  2. A team that is capable enough (right skill sets)
  3. A willingness to identify enough impediments
  4. A willingness by the team and the organization to change things to fix impediments
  5. The thoughtfulness to add to Scrum usefully
  6. The ability to get decent feedback each Sprint

Can you be successful without these?  I suppose so, depending on who you are competing against.

But aren’t these reasonable conditions that management should provide so that a Team can be successful?


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