About the New “Path to CSP”

Below is key information about the “Path to CSP.”

Two main take-aways:

  1. You can move to a new level now by taking the Advanced CSM course — as soon as I offer the course.
  2. To become a CSP you need to take two courses and have 2 years of experience (starting January 1, 2o18).

The graphic gives you the rough idea of progression from CSM to Adv CSM to CSP-SM — the three courses. Each course gives a certification, and the last certification is the CSP-SM certification.

Here is a better version of the graphic, and here are the Adv CSM Learning Objectives.

Each CST is allowed to add more. I will comment soon on what my Adv CSM will include, but more on scaling (than these LOs imply) will be included, along with more on Agile Release Planning and metrics. To me, the improvements with Lean-Agile-Scrum should be very significant and very easy to see.

Check out more information on 2017 certifications and the Adv CSM certification.


  1. Can I take the A-CSM course without any SM work experience? Yes.
  2. Can I get the A-CSM certification without any SM work experience? No.  You must have 12 months of experience.

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