Public Impediments – Charleston Oct 2014

Until you are perfect, you have impediments to fix.

Here are the ones identified quickly in the course in Charleston.

From an Agile point of view, I am not sure I would agree all are impediments.

  1. Team member looking for other work
  2. Lone wolf attitude with some team members
  3. Changing technology
  4. Lack of specific skills
  5. Uncontrollable outsiders’ influence
  6. Team churn
  7. No success criteria
  8. Poor communication
  9. Different areas/teams not working together
  10. Micro-management
  11. Unrealistic expectations
  12. Project uncertainty
  13. Lack of QA
  14. Lack of Development [people]
  15. Not enough teammates or do not have all skill sets needed
  16. No contact with end users
  17. Scope creep
  18. Scope changes
  19. Funding – money was cut
  20. Not understanding what the customer really wanted
  21. No direction or poor plan
  22. Unclear requirements
  23. Lack of formal or clear requirements
  24. Customer not trained properly in agile
  25. Intractable customer

Not sure I understand what each person meant by every one of these.  But I feel strongly we start with a rough public list. And then we aggressively work on fixing the most important problem first.

Maybe this list helps your people identify a better list for your team.

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