Refresher Attendees: new program

We have just started a new program:  having prior attendees of my courses to attend the same course again, for free.  Well, not exactly free.  You have to pay for essentially the hotel costs, so, for a much reduced fee.

I expect the main usage of this is for people to attend again when some of their associates attend the first time.  But it is also true that research shows that attendees typically remember only about 20% of the content of a course.  I know that attendees only take in a small portion of what I really mean, just as the research suggests. (This is just normal, not anyone’s fault.) And, perhaps I am biased, but I think information about doing Scrum professionally is very valuable.

We have a few rules on this program.

1. You have to have attended the same course / workshop with the same instructor.

So, if you attended a CSM course, then you can “refresh” at any CSM course (given by the same instructor).  If you took the Workshop as well, you can “refresh” the Workshop also.

The course does not need to be at the same location (same city). This is not restricted to the CSM course/workshop.

2. We must have space for the next “refresher” person in the class/workshop.

Availability may be limited.  Ask us.

3. The current fee is $200 per day.  Or $150 per day if you have an associate attending the same course.

This fee may change. This mostly covers our food & beverage and hotel costs. And the processing/admin costs.

The rules are subject to change, as we see and learn how this works in practice.



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