Renewing Your Certification

We are big advocates of learning.  We are not as strong an advocate of certifications.  There are issues with certifications.

Still, should you renew your certification?  Yes!  I think it mostly helps, it’s a good symbolic gesture, and, it should represent that you have learned more since the last time (since 2 years earlier, in this case).

There are basically two ways to renew your Scrum Alliance certification(s):

  1. Get SEUs (Scrum Educational Units)
  2. Take or re-take a Scrum Alliance certification course

Further: I will help you re-take a course for a much reduced rate.  Example: To re-take the 16 hours of the CSM course, I would charge $200 plus $50 for the Scrum Alliance fee.

And, as of recently, I will give you that offer no matter who taught your CSM course.

Please contact us if you have questions.


Also, I just did a short webinar on this topic.  You might want to read the slide deck.

Renew Cert – V2.key


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