Renewing Your Certification

Updated: August 31, 2023.

Cut-to-the-chase: Your key takeaway may be: Re-Take the CSM or CSPO with Joe because simpler and “cheaper”. Explained in section 3 below.


Should you renew your Scrum Alliance certification?  Yes!

I think it helps, it increases your knowledge, it should enable you to do Agile better with your Team, and have more SUCCESS.

It should represent that you have learned more in the last 2 years.

How to renew?

There are basically three ways to renew your Scrum Alliance certification(s):

  1. Get SEUs (Scrum Educational Units)
  2. Take a new Scrum Alliance certification course
  3. Re-take a Scrum Alliance certification course


1. Get SEUs (Scrum Educational Units)

Getting or earning the SEUs is pretty straightforward.

SEUs are educational hours (like PDUs if you know them).  Each SEU represents one contact hour of education.  Lots of types.  Easy for each hour, but gathering 20 hours (SEUs) is some trouble.

Some SEUs can be obtained for free.  As a different option, you can go to one Scrum Gathering and earn lots of SEUs.  But that Scrum Gathering costs some $.  Again, there are lots of methods or ways in which you can collect SEUs.

By the way, our workshops count for SEUs.

See also here:


2. Take a New Scrum Alliance Certification course

You can also renew your current certification(s) by taking a new Scrum Alliance certification course (and passing it – per the instructor or possibly per a test).

For example, if you have a CSM, you could take a CSPO course or an A-CSM course — completing any new Scrum Alliance course renews your CSM (and and any other Scrum Alliance certifications you may have).

And all the certifications are renewed for 2 years from that date.

See here for our list of course/dates — that is the courses we have scheduled.


3. Re-take a Scrum Alliance certification course

A third way to renew your certification(s) is to re-take a course you have already taken.

For example, if you have a CSM, you can retake the CSM course.

For the CSM, you do not have to retake the CSM exam.

People comment about how much they learn by taking the course again.  They see the content from the perspective of real experience.  They have new and better questions.  They learn a lot that can help them help their teams now.

And we will give you a very low price for re-taking the course.  The price is different for an online vs an in-person course.

Our offer applies whether I taught you the first course or not.

See here for the current fees for what we call the Refresher Program.

As we said above, your CSM is renewed for 2 years from the date of new course.

If you have both a CSM and a CSPO, for example, you can re-take one course, and both courses are renewed for 2 years.

Finally, if you bring another person (paying the early bird rate or higher) to the same course, you can take that course for free.  (But I still will charge you the Scrum Alliance fee of $50.)

Please contact us if you have questions.


What if my certification is already expired or I can’t get into my Scrum Alliance account?

Both of these are common questions.

Neither is really a problem.

As soon as you renew (in one of the 3 ways above), then your “expired” certification(s) are renewed for 2 years from “now”.  That is: The expired certification(s) is not longer expired, and in fact renewed with a new expiry 2 years from “now”.

If you can’t get into your Scrum Alliance account, and you took the course with us, we will help you gain access again.  (You can also contact directly.)



I just did a short webinar on this topic.  You might want to read the slide deck.

Renew Cert – V2.key


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