Webinar: Scrum Basics

We have a free webinar about Scrum Basics, to provide you information and to take your questions.


This webinar is a bit about Agile, but mostly about the basics of Scrum, in 60 minutes.

We have another webinar the introduces our CSM course, which gives you the basics in 16 hours.   Still, basic, but notably longer.

This webinar might be for someone thinking about getting into Scrum, or for a manager or another person who is not sure how much they need to know.  At least that person will be 60 minutes smarter.

This is a general introduction.  And allows questions.  Often a full answer to your question takes longer, but we might have a useful short answer.

Date: Tuesday, December 22, 2020  at 11:30 am EST.

Duration: 60 minutes.  A short presentation and your questions.

Cost: Free.

Please come.  We will explain a little and answer your questions!




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