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Scrum cards: To many of you that will mean the Fibonacci cards, AKA Planning Poker (TM) cards.

But NO!  At least not this time.  This time we mean the “scrum_cards” (that name is the title of the PDF file) that explain Scrum.

Below is a link for the new version of the Scrum Cards (again, not planning poker cards) from Ivar Jacobsen.

I recommend you download them.


Really good stuff.  Fun to play with.

I believe Jeff Sutherland has had a lot to do with the creation of these cards, the wording, etc.

Some of you may have seen an earlier version of these cards.  This set is much more robust.

I recommend you read them carefully.

Then I recommend that you play a game with your Team.  Here’s a specific example – “Practice Patience with Scrum”.



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