Some tools for Agile

Here are 4 tools I have been using in my courses.  And recommend, for you to use with your Teams.

  • Microsoft Teams

I am about to start using Microsoft Teams.

They have added break-out rooms.  I think they work well enough for me.

Lots of integrations.  But they make it easy (fairly easy) to start and then you can add complexity.

In a trial run, seemed about as good as Zoom – for the Zoom comparable functions.   Teams has more functions / features (at least in some sense).  One: I feel there is more security.


This is a white board or “wall” that everyone can work on at the same time.

USers can do LOTS of things.  Has templates, etc.

Firstly, it enables stickies on the wall.

Free trial.  $144 / year for…..


It you are doing “pointing” (BV points or Story points) remotely, I really recommend this.

Simple.  You can build whatever number series you want (I prefer real Fibonacci).

It does the averaging!!!!!  Yay!

Did I mention free?

  • Drawing and showing over Zoom (or the like)

I use an iPad Pro – 12.9 inches.

“Paper” is my app. Pretty happy with it.  Free I think. More functions than I use.

I use Apple Pencil.  Nice level of precision.

Key feature: Can have pages of notes and drawings, then convert them to PDF, and then ship them to a colleague(s) via email.  Nice!



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