Webinar: Managers and Team self-managing

This is another in our $5 Webinar Series.  1 hour.

The new Scrum Guide says that Teams should be self-managing.

And Jeff Sutherland says managers are essential in Scrum.

Broadly we know that there are some “poorly trained” managers, at least from an agile viewpoint.  And others find there are good managers out there (at least some of the time).

So, how do we discuss this issue of “self-managing” with managers, to help them become better managers in the context of Agile?

A few basics (in my opinion):

  • Self-managing changes the Team; they are now responsible adults
  • Managers have a span of control
  • Managers can help fix impediments
  • Managers have a full job (in Agile)
  • Teams need to self-manage. They will make mistakes
  • Managers need to teach Teams how to self-manage
  • Success is overall success.  The Team is responsible for itself.  The Manager for multiple Teams’ success
  • You have to deal with how the culture is now (each culture is different, each person is different)

Let’s discuss.  One is the ideas of how it should work.  The other is how you educate different managers (or sets of managers).  Lots of war stories I am sure.


I think we will have a lively discussion.

Title: Managers and Team self-managing

Date: Thursday, March 18th, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT.  1 hour.

Fee: Free

Link: (to be added)


Finally: If you have suggestions for topics for these webinars (really anything related to agile), please send them to me.  jhlittle@leanagiletraining.com  Thank you!


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