Business Value: Some useful links…

Here are some related links you may find useful:

I like these principles of Lean, especially the first one, about specifying value.

And I like this HBR article by Womack and Jones on Lean consumption:
See what they call the six principles of Lean consumption. I call ’em a pretty good summary of what people want.

We need to know about Net Present Value. Here’s a start. Don’t forget the shareholders, they are people too, as are other capital providers.

We need to know about Peter Drucker. Here’s a start. See the last bullet in the list of basic ideas. The first phrase was revolutionary in America at the time.

We may also wish to review the first principle of Agile, here.

“THERE IS AN OLD SAYING in the media business (at times attributed to David Ogilvy) that your most important assets go down the elevator each night.” See here.

Don’t forget the workers either (and that includes the managers too). Without their many capabilities, nothing would be created.


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