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Scrum Success Story

We hear a lot about all the problems of life. People are bad. Things fall apart. The center cannot hold. (Help me W. B. Yeats, you’re my only hope.) Today I would like to share an unsolicited note: Jeff Sutherland and I are doing a CSM class next week (Dec. 15 through Dec. 16) in […]

Completing a Release

OK, so we have a known velocity in story points. And, having that, it is an exercise for a 6-year-old to figure out how many more Sprints until the release. Example: We have a velocity of 20 and the remaining stories in the backlog for this release have a total of 100 story points. So […]

Agile Portfolio Management — 2

OK, so we got started earlier. This continues an earlier post. What next? Ummm. One of the goals of Agile Portfolio Management is making sure the most important things are done first. And that all of us are only working on the highest priority things. And Agile Portfolio Management should try to achieve that goal […]

Agile Portfolio Management – 1

A few people have been asking about “Agile Portfolio Management,” or at least, “How do we manage this stuff?” What they mean is what I call Agile Portfolio Management. Agile Portfolio Management is of course distinct from Scrum, but for simplicity, I have assumed a Scrum context. First, Scrum is relatively silent on this subject, […]