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New Webinar Series!

[Updated Aug 4, 2017.] We at Learn Agile Training, in cooperation with virtual classroom expert, Dr. Ron Kantor, are planning to inaugurate an interactive webinar series.  So, better than what you may be used to. The focus is helping experienced and novice practitioners of Lean-Agile-Scrum to navigate the challenges and constraints they face in attempting […]

Why do we have the Sprint Burndown chart?

As with almost everything in Scrum, the purpose of the Sprint Burndown chart is to help the Team. First, we assume the Team (the whole team, including the implementers, the PO and the SM) are adults.  And, as adults, they want to be successful.  In every dimension that is relevant: more fun, higher quality, more […]

4 Things to Improve on Today

Here are four ideas about ways to get better results with Agile and Scrum.  We try to talk about these in the initial course.  But basically always they are not heard well enough — I have gotten used to this being normal, part of human nature and the cultures we live in. Higher Quality “Bad […]

Connecting Agile Planning to Agile Action – 1

“Only connect!” A quote from EM Forster.  And also our theme here. We think that one of the most useful things to connect is Agile Planning to Agile Action. If we connect these and ‘manage’ them well, we think that will lead to greater success.  Notably greater success. *** Let’s explain briefly. First, I just […]

Topics for the Executives (managers)

I was brainstorming what kinds of topics or exercises the executives (or senior managers) need. This also includes things for the managers close to teams, but it is not especially for them. OTOH, we’re not addressing the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, either. In an example with that kind of firm, we mean the ‘executive’ […]

Questions: Agile Release Planning

Question: Hi Joe! Hope you are well. We are cranking up the Agile Scrum. I know you are likely very busy, and I tried to find answers to my Agile Release Planning questions below, but I am not finding what I am looking for on the net. That said, I have three quick questions that […]

Stop Starting, Start Finishing

The phrase in the title is a well-known Agile phrase, but perhaps not well-enough known. In one way, it is saying: minimize WIP. Work-in-process or work-in-progress. In another way, it is saying what my friend Mike Vizdos says: Focus. #Deliver. _____________________________________ But let me tell a story that gives a different meaning. A few months […]

List of Courses and Workshops V12

Some of you may have seen our prior list of courses and workshops. Scrum 201 was added — we did this one year ago with Jeff Sutherland, and the need for it continues to grow. Many of these courses and workshops are available publicly, or could be scheduled anywhere if there is some interest.  Five […]

2014 State of Agile Survey

Here are the survey results from Version One on the state of Agile. A pretty good job, I think. Many interesting observations in the survey. Let me highlight one. Under “Barriers to Further Agile Adoption,” the top three answers were: 44% ability to change organizational culture 35% not enough personnel with the necessary Agile experience […]


I think the key goal of Scrum is to help the team maximize the Business Value from the team to the customers. Another subsidiary goal is to enable the team to focus. Focus is more or less the opposite of multitasking. Perhaps even more to the point, multitasking is one of the great destroyers of […]