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Scaling, Part 2

Here are some additional patterns to consider when Scaling. For now, consider that I am using a narrow definition of scaling, to mean, collocated teams working together on one product in a fairly tight way. 1. Upfront Work. To over-simplify, if we create any product, we plan, we build, we release.  That is the simplest […]

SAFe, LeSS, DAD, and ScrumPLOP

First, I want to say that I feel each ‘large scale agile’ situation is different.  The key problems are different.  Therefore, the solution(s) should be different. And I like the idea of patterns. This is the pattern idea: “Here are some things (patterns) that others have found useful, and maybe I can steal from them, […]

Basic Agile ‘scaling’ terms

Below are several key terms often used when discussing ‘Agile Scaling.’ They need to be addressed. Why? My experience is that when the community talks about these issues, they use these words in a very loose way.  The problems behind these words are quite real. The problems can  be somewhat improved if we work hard […]

Scaling: How about the “Don’t do it!” option?

There is a lot of talk lately about scaling. And, to some degree, scaling is necessary and good. They say only truly professional Teams try complicated plays.  Or should try complicated plays.  Most ‘lesser’ Teams do well to stick to basic blocking and tackling.  I think this is wise advice for most teams. Scaling by […]

Scaling: Don’t forget the Team

What do you have if you have good scaling but all the Teams are terrible?  Nothing. What do you have if you have lame scaling, but all the Teams are good?  Something that is still pretty darn powerful. *** What happens when ‘everyone’ is talking about scaling?  They forget about the Teams.  And the Teams […]

Frameworks to Scale Agile – Some comments

First, here is a page that starts to explain SAFe.  SAFe is one of the better known ‘scaling agile’ frameworks. You should also look at Larman and Vodde’s book: Scaling Lean and Agile Development.  (They have other books.)  Also see their LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) framework, here. Next, Jeff Sutherland and Jim Coplien and others […]

Starting with Scaling

Question: “We are starting Scrum. We have the kind of projects that require scaling. But how do we start with Scrum and have some scaling?” Answer: The basic framework of Scrum does not attempt to answer this question.  It assumes you will use lean-agile-scrum principles and values, and devise your own specific solution to this […]