“Leader’s Guide to Radical Management”

I just got a copy of “The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management” by Stephen Denning. I recommend it.

It is not so hard to learn Scrum and apply it to one team, but I always hear that, in any large-ish organization, “We need to change the culture.”

OK then, one way is to read and apply Steve’s book.

Another way, as you may have heard, is: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Use your experience as one good Scrum Team. It may be that, alone and by yourself, your one change will have little effect, but action speaks one thousand words, and others will come beside you and dance the same dance, if you dance it happily and effectively, and once you have two or three, or seven or 14, then it is amazing how powerful you all together become.

As a small group, you quickly can become amazingly powerful. You know this; you have seen this this year, you have seen it in 1989. You have seen it in 1776. You do not need to see it again to take action.

So, Steve’s book will help you see the broader picture of where we are going — where we want to go.




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