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All up-coming courses are posted on And you can see the calendar in the widget to the right.

We are excited, for sometimes different reasons, about each of these courses. We have enjoyed the people we have met (so far) in each of these cities. We enjoy working with the co-leaders. And each of these cities, each in its own way, is meaningful to us. And of course, we are always delighted to be talking about, and helping others with, Lean-Agile-Scrum.

As a quick summary for the next 2 months, we have the following:

May 11-14: Ottawa: CSM & Workshop (Sold Out). With Catherine Louis.

May 18-19: NYC: CSM Course

May 25-26: Charlotte: CSM Course

Jun 8-9: Atlanta: ScrumU: CSM Course. With Kristine Shannon.

Jun 15-16: Washington, DC: CSM Course

Jun 29-30: Montreal: CSM Course

Jul 13-14: Lima, Peru: CSM Course

Jul 20-21: Charlotte: CSM Course

Please contact us if you have questions.
We have other courses ‘in the works’ which we will announce shortly.

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