New Scaling Workshop

We have added a 1 day workshop to many of our courses.  Dave Muldoon and I will do the Workshop.  Dave has years of experience scaling in a large multinational corporation, and with other large organizations.

What is it: The workshop reviews quickly the several approaches to scaling in the community now: SAFe, LeSS, DAD, and the ‘scaling’ ideas at  We lead a workshop to help devise solutions to your specific problems.  In general, we focus on scaling per se — what to do when multiple teams work together.  Which patterns to use.

To a lesser degree, we also may address issues such as agile transformation, extending agile to more teams, distributed scrum, cultural change, etc.

Value: First, we want you to keep the focus on ‘the Team’.  But the reality is often: we have large projects that need multiple Scrum teams working together.  For these big projects, the messiness of scaling can be hard.  So the goal is to get more done faster while maintaining the quality of the end product. And have it deliver what the customer really needs.

In other words, despite all the problems of scaling, we want to be more successful than our competition. And more successful than we have ever been before.

Doing this professionally can bring huge value to the individuals involved, to the Teams (and the group of teams), to the firm, and to the customers.

For more information, look here.  For where and when we are doing the next workshop, look here.



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