Controlled-Chaos Software Development

This (the link below) is an article, written I think mainly by Ken Schwaber (and also by Jeff Sutherland).

I have been told that many people contributed to the experiments and thoughts implied by the discussion in the paper.  This experimental development of Scrum has been stated by Sutherland and Schwaber in several (all?) of the Scrum Guides.

I understand this paper to be the original OOPSLA paper, submitted to that conference in 1995.  (I am surprised it does not identify the authors.)


I find this paper very interesting!

To me, it offers some additional perspectives on Scrum.  And may well help you in implementing it better, and in getting all the right people into the proper mind-set to implement it well.

Below is the link to the paper or article.


BTW, I found this article on Ken Schwaber’s old website,

Here is the specific link:



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