Webinar: The Link between Estimating and Successful Sprints


All Invited.  Free

Date: Monday, January 3

Time: 11am – noon ET, 1 hour

A discussion with a leader.



Some of you have problems estimating using the recommended Wide-Band Delphi Expert Estimation pattern, using the Fibonacci cards.

Some of you have problems promising (or forecasting) the right number of stories or story points in a Sprint.  And then regularly delivering that.

We see that often these two problems are linked.


We intend to go further than this, but as a start:

Let’s discuss these to start:

  1. Why is estimating hard
  2. What is the real recommendation
  3. Why does that make sense
  4. What are alternatives
  5. Why is it hard to just promise and deliver?  Why hard to be relatively reliable?
  6. What do we do about that
  7. What is the link between estimating and becoming reliable?
  8. What else would help

Please join us.

Here: [link to be added]



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