“If you wait for perfection, you might wait too long.”

I guess I will take credit for this quote (see title).

“The relentless pursuit of perfection.”  I mostly like that idea. (That was the slogan of the Lexus brand.)

But ‘waiting for perfection’ usually means analysis paralysis. Or maybe other things.

To me, it reflects a  key idea behind lean-agile-scrum.

It is an idea expressed in many other ways also.  Ex: ‘The perfect is the enemy of the good,’ which originated in France.

Yogi Berra said:  “If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be.”  Not sure whether he was talking on ontology or some other aspect of metaphysics.

I like the phrasing in the title, because to me it has a sense of humor.  It teases you.  It says: “Why wait?  How bad can it be if you make a mistake? You might learn something if you act. And learn much faster.”

In fact, in most of our business situations, this ‘learning from real action’ is so true and so powerful.

OK, there is a time for waiting.  Just that, by the time we notice it, waiting now is usually no longer useful.




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