Spotify Scaling Model

Here is some reference information about the Spotify scaling model. Most of this information is via Henrik Kniberg.

Here is the key article:

“Scaling Agile @ Spotify with Tribes, Squads, Chapters & Guilds” — A blog post (2012). It also links to a longer article in the third paragraph which is pretty key.

Here are other things, some or all more recent:

“Spotify Engineering Culture.” Part 1. A video (2014). Again, Henrik trying to reflect and summarize the culture at that time, quickly.

“Spotify Engineering Culture.” Part 2. A video (2014).

“Spotify Rhythm – how we get aligned (slides from my talk at Agile Sverige).”  Slides for a talk posted on his blog (June 2016). The blog post has a few ideas. The slide deck has more ideas. You can download the slide deck from this blog post.

“Growing up with Agile – Minimum Viable Bureaucracy at Spotify.”  2016.  Peter Antman (he works with Henrik, although I do not know how much). Slides from a talk. I love the growing-up, develop-over-time, evolution metaphor. Again, the blog has some information, but look also at the 81 slides.

“No, I didn’t invent the Spotify model.”  2015. A blog post where Henrik mentions that he did not invent the model. Don’t congratulate (too much) the messenger. Similarly, don’t shoot him (if you see things you dislike).

“My Spotify tools.” 2014. Peter Antman again (well, earlier). A blog post, listing a bunch of tools (broadly defined) that he used there. We are straying a bit from Spotify (although Spotify people used these tools too, in some sense). These are more, I think, tools that Peter used (and uses). Still, a bunch of good ideas here. How to prioritize them for you?

Tell me if you find other things!



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One thought on “Spotify Scaling Model

  1. Ben

    Cool. I appreciate the references for the scaling model. I’m really surprised there is not more out there on the subject. Spotify and this whole Agile business thing is just fascinating to me. I have just started learning about it. Just months ago I was totally clueless to any of it. Just happened to stumble on it online.

    After watching the first video I was wondering if the spotify engineering process kills the need for middle business management?

    I have a finance blog and write a lot about business and marketing but I’m not so sure it would help with this particular topic. However I am a big fan of a site by “finance guy”. He has a ton of business help related resources. You guys may want to reach out to him. its at

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